Tapenade’s big wedding trends for 2018

John Hearn, executive head chef at Tapenade, one of the UK’s top caterers, talks us through this year’s biggest wedding food trends.

Gourmet comfort food
Couples want to serve guests foods they’ll love so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more people swap a la carte in favour of classic comfort foods made with gourmet ingredients. We created a  truffle mac ‘n’ cheese for one recent wedding and served an indulgent game pie and mash at another.


Food trucks

Traditionalists may shy away from the idea of meals on wheels at a wedding but this festival-inspired food trend is going from strength to strength. Whether it’s for a reception, late-night bites or complete catering, the possibilities are endless with mobile food vendors. From street-food stands to vintage ice-cream vans, guests are sure to be delighted with this fun, functional and most importantly delicious option.


DIY food & drink stations

Everything is more fun when you make it yourself and we’re seeing more couples taking a hands-on approach when it comes to catering. Shaking cocktails and building burgers provides hours of entertainment and ensures guests won’t go hungry.


Pairing & sharing

Swap traditional canapes for fun mini pairings of your favourite food and drink. Classic combos such as tacos and tequila or oysters and bloody Mary’s never fail to impress.


Mix & match crockery

Couples looking for a more relaxed wedding breakfast are opting for shabby-chic mix and match tableware. This  trend is also perfect for couples on a budget as coloured glassware and vintage crockery can be found anywhere.


International menus

Whether to mark a favourite holiday destination or to honour a culture, couples are becoming more and more adventurous when choosing their menus . Mezzes, passed plates and sharing banquets will bring the whole family together.


Take-away table decorations

Weddings are all about making memories so why not give guests a piece of the day with a take-away table decoration whilst also ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Potted plants, packets of seeds and jars of jam make perfect keepsakes.


Locally sourced

From farm-to-fork, guests like to know that they’re eating local. Local foraging within close proximity to the venue, choosing ingredients from near-by farms or serving regional specialities, will connect guests to the food and create a story that will bring dishes to life.