Changing One Childs Life, One Meal at a Time. 


Eventist Group are proud to be supporting the One Feeds Two initiative again this year. The non-profit charity that, through its partnership with food companies, is creating a movement to give nutritious school meals to children living in some of the poorest places in the world.

For every meal that is supplied by Eventist Group, at a catered event, one feeds two will donate a substantial meal to a school child who needs it most from us. Good food shouldn’t just taste good, it should do good and now when you book your event catering with us, you can feel even better about your choice knowing that you’ve done something good. To date, the charity has already donated over 26 million meals to hungry children and counting.

For children living in a household serving on less than £1 a day, the biggest barrier to education is the need to eat. Providing a school meal for children gives them a reason to continue their education and is bettering their lives.



Each day:

– 66 million children go to school hungry
– 61 million children miss out on primary school due to hunger
– 376 million people get to eat a meal in the U.K and U.S alone


The One Feeds Two initiative is rethinking the meaning of good food by making charitable giving a part of our daily routines. Something that happens every day – it could even happen every time we eat. All meals provided are locally sourced where possible, supporting local, smallholder farmers.


Click here to learn more about One Feeds Two.